Donald Trump VS a Women’s Self Respect by blogger Ankita

Donald Trump VS a Women’s Self Respect by blogger Ankita

“When did politics turned into an psychological trauma hitting platform to women?”,this was never a real question but, “When we began to enjoy it?”is the ‘one’.

Donald Trump’s opinions may seem ‘attention seeking’ and ‘fancy’ but it adds a deep meaning when it comes on women’s self respect.

America doesn’t hates Trump

As mentioned on a well known opinion filled website, “Trump is just an old Grandpa with a mind of 4 years old kid”, in addition he knows how to add humor and make people laugh about it.

Fat. Dog. Pig. Slab. Disgusting animal!

These are some words, Donald Trump used for women over the years. The man who is hoping to become president of the United States, he’s definitely persuading some women’s to vote for him.

What really stops a women to vote for him ?

After coming back home and facing and ignoring hundreds of abusive ‘stares and comments’. Who will enjoy to watch Trump on media ? won’t you feel crazy about it ?

Verbal Harassment is now not only present in real world but also it has turned out to be a great source of entertainment. Especially when you watch Donald Trump making ‘puns’ about it!

Theres not only physical assault that hurts. Mental harassment can turned out to be most dangerous because not even it has memories of the incident but it can lead to 100’s of disorders and deep depression. Psychological abuse can highly alters the behavior and thinking.

Sexual Assault: not up for debate by blogger Kimberley

Sexual Assault: not up for debate by blogger Kimberley

It seems as if every election divides the nation even more. When in reality it has been a norm for the last few decades for candidates to dedicate their campaign on trying to discredit the other instead of building a case about why they should be elected.

Most of the time that leaves voters with more questions than answers. Those who are over eighteen and eager to exercise their right to vote look forward to hearing where each candidate stands on the issues most important to them. One issue in particular for many young voters is the issue surrounding the candidates’ approach on the laws of sexual assaults.

Sexual assault has been a hot topic after candidate Trump’s “locker room” talk was leaked. Many fear the the perverted nature of his conversation is dangerous and will encourage the normalization of unwanted sexual advances. Donald Trump supporters urge the push for military court system for dealing with sexual assault cases to assure fair trial to bring justice to the system; meanwhile feels as if Hilary Clinton has no credibility to this issue because of the rape allegations brought against her husband and Former president.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton supporters feels as if Trump’s disrespect for women and their rights to their own bodies, and his lack of comprehension on the issue discredits what he has to say about the issue. Clinton supporters backs the continuation of Vice President Joe Biden’s “It’s on Us” campaign to educate the youth the important steps of preventing sexual assaults from happening by simply not being the predator. Presidential elections can divide the nation but hopefully as whole voters will uphold the value that no means no!

Politics and Sexual assault: Who will you choose? by blogger Maina

Politics and Sexual assault: Who will you choose? by blogger Maina

For several decades now, gender equality has been an everyday subject in the whole world. Women and men who are aspiring to be in power, consistently advocate for the reduction of discrepancies that exists between male and females.

They include pay gap, fight for paid leave, the increase in the minimum wage, defense and enhancement of social security, protection and expansion of affordable care Act and most importantly confrontation of violence against women.

Having a look at the two American presidential aspirants and their stand against sexual assaults and their view on women’s equal opportunities, Hillary Clinton was keen to point out the fact that 20% of the American women experience sexual assault in college.

To make the matter worse 22% experience severe physical violence by their intimate partner at some point in their lifetime. Hillary Clinton said that the time to address the issue has come and bold plans are underway to do that should she secure to top seat at the White house, citing her record on fighting against gender injustice.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has assured the best to cab the violence against sexual assault against women. He boasted that he is the best thing that ever happened to women. This statement triggered mixed reactions among millions of women and media too.

He meant his word, having the public opinion polls stating that an extraordinary number of female voters registered a negative or unfavorable impression of the Trump’s candidacy. However, Trump’s campaign manager insisted that women do not vote based on gender but the competency of the aspirant.
The two 2016 presidential candidates have had their say on a better dawn that is approaching for women once they are in power. It has been a story for decades. Let us wait and see.