PTSD by sexual assault a curable disorder by blogger Rimpi

PTSD by sexual assault a curable disorder by blogger Rimpi

Sound of approaching footsteps, ticking clocks, knocking doors, laughter and whispering are normal for most of us but they might be causing a few to palpitate with fear and terror. No wonder, these few can be the victims of sexual assaults, mostly females, feeling humiliated both physically and mentally. The victims can experience number of reactions, some being short term and other being long term, PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) being one among them.

PTSD is a common anxiety disorder or a psychological trauma experienced by the victim. It can occur anywhere in between 2 weeks- 3 months and be effective for years. The symptoms of PTSD include re-experiencing the trauma, social withdrawal, emotional detachment. Most of the victims are not able to overcome this trauma because of lack of awareness and lack of support by the family and the society.

Battling the PTSD- I believe following these few steps the victims can try overcoming this disorder:
1) Finding a psychological to share the emotions and fear and trepidation. Going to a woman psychological can be a good idea as it might help in comforting the victim. There are psychologists who are open to deal with the sexual trauma cases.

If the victims don’t feel like going to a psychologist due to insecurity or factors like financial or social, they can try:

2) Going to some psychologists/therapists associated with the NGO’s supporting the sexual assault victims ensuring both supportive and comforting environment for the victims and not affecting their pocket.

3) Talking to someone who has survived or overcome such traumas. It can prove to be a good mutual support and recovery activity.

4) Sometimes the victim may not feel like talking to anyone outside their comfort zone. In such cases, they should talk to their near one including their parents, sibling or partners. The later can help the victim in getting over the fears, avoiding the trauma triggers and building up her self-confidence.

5) This one the most important and therapeutic in its own. I would call it “self-healing and building”. In some cases, the victims don’t find any of the above ways congenial, this is when the “mind-body connection” comes into action. The victims should try to heal their mind and body by getting reacquainted with their body. It can involve numerous ways like relaxing, exercising, meditating and yoga. The survivors should understand their self-importance, realizing how beautiful and strong you are and can be, knowing there is nothing in this world that can put an end to your right to live, smile and explore.

All these measures will not only help the victims to overcome PTSD but also protect them from any of the reoccurring assaults.

In the end, I would just like to say that each one of us matters to this universe, so it’s the time we join our hands, open our arms to help ourselves and the other victims to overcome every kind of trauma and detrimental experiences. Remember, you are much more worth than just being feeling ashamed and victimized.

It’s a Man’s World – The Truth About Sexual Assault

It’s a Man’s World – The Truth About Sexual Assault

Ever heard that saying, ‘It’s a Man’s World’? Well it’s true.

The world has been run by men ever since male and female roles were decided and perpetrated throughout the centuries, with the single idea that men are in charge.

This cultural phenonomena has been causing detrimental ideals and views about women and their interactions with men for about as long as the dawn of civilization and which now are considered societal norms.

Often sexual assault is traditionally thought of as a derogatory act of an unsatisfied person who wants an outlet for their sexual desires, whether they are received with consent or not.

The truth is that power is the main reason men assault women as well as other men, and it has nothing to do with high testosterone.

Now look at the numbers, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Centers Statistics About Sexual Violence fact sheet, last updated in 2015, 91% of victims of rape and sexual assault are female and 9% are male; 63% of these crimes go unreported.

Now that we have some information, let’s become even more informed.

Did you know that about 6% of sexual assault crimes that are actually reported don’t actually serve jail time?

Have you been informed that sexual coercion is also non-consent?

Where we would the world be today without this cultural normalty of power being connected to a penis.

I can only imagine.

By Tanya Burgess

Please keep yourself informed:



Praising attackers may be the right term to define the situation where the rich, famous gets away with heinous crimes. The real question is that- how they sleep at night?

The celebrities that inspire us, can we think of doing any wrong thing? But some of may get away with anything by using their status, fame, and money.

Some celebrities are even accused of Sexual assault and Rape that is in no way acceptable in this life or the next. But some did not face any consciences for their crime.

One celebrity Bill Cosby who is a legendary comedian, he even awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom from George W. Bush has been accused of rape of more than a dozen women. So what should we say about that?

Some celebrities are accused still; they are running around free largely because they have wealth and a good lawyer. An example of that is R. Kelly who was accused of child pornography. Evidence was all against him but still, the jury did not found him guilty and in a matter of hours, the case was delayed for six hours. R. Kelly has to thank his lawyer for that who turned the case around.

And there was Michael Jackson; the biggest pop start who bought his freedom by settling out of the court for 23 million dollars is a case where he was accused of child molestation.

So what their history tell us, do we actually praise the attackers or not? Shouldn’t we raise our voice to that?