The Issue with the Media’s Definition of Victimization

The Issue with the Media’s Definition of Victimization

“The issue in light of debunked media accounts about campus rape is not whether to talk about rape, but how to talk about it in a more responsible way.”

– Anne Franks, University of Miami Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

Victimization in the eyes of the media includes a slew of stereotypes, an inaccurate portrayal of accounts and a lack of police investigated facts.

There is this horrible idea that being a victim has a certain number of qualifications and that society dictates whether a person is a true victim or just blowing things out of proportion.

False reports are often the baseline for who should and should not be considered a victim.

Although less than 10 percent of reports are false, it’s the representation of sexual assault and the definitions the media imposes on acts, words and behaviors exhibited by predators that ultimately harm the impact and importance of how damaging sexual assault is.

This may be a shock to some but if you searched ‘Sexual Assault’ in the search box, you find the top news stories that pop up are using phrases like ‘no one reported’, ‘no evidence’, ‘Rape accusation’, ‘Rape was a hoax’, and ‘Suspect’.

There are plenty of other stories that pop up as well speaking more to admissions of guilt. I found this particularly interesting as I scrolled through the headliners because the majority of the articles begin by recounting the accusation and then following it up with a lack of evidence to prosecute.

So, I see this disconcerting depiction of reporting sexual assault, combined with slut shaming, general American acceptance of Rape Culture and a very pressing ‘keep quiet’ culture and I can’t really tell if the producers are trying to help or hinder with shows like Thirteen Reasons Why or movies like I Spit on Your Grave. Is feeling the revenge of a ‘victim’ truly making people understand the emotions someone feels.

Are these shows depicting ‘the perfect victim’ where if you experience anything less, then you needn’t bother others with ‘complaints’.

Is victim the right definition for all people experiencing assault? And Who decides the measure of what someone feels or how being assaulted should affect them?

Are we addressing sexual assault and rape culture properly, with respect but also determination to see things change?

By Tanya Burgess



The brutal act of violence – “Corrective Rape”

The brutal act of violence – “Corrective Rape”


Screams of the wounded soul cry for help;

Shattered by the result of lesions of deluding theories

Inflicted by the dear ones that shall haunt for a lifetime

Living in a hell is no less than living with this reality

The despondent blade cutting the victim open every single day

Whispering traumas into the silent screams of delirium ……..  –  the endured moments of pain witnessed by the victim.

How would one feel if the caring hands that nurture you, push you into the dark dungeons of rape? Shocking isn’t it? But the reality of Corrective rape is so blood curdling that it draws the victim into the deep descending agonous abysm of shock, disbelief, hatred and self- blame forever.

The disturbing reality of Corrective rape:  The term “Corrective Rape” was first coined in South Africa where this inhumane practice of raping gays or lesbians for converting them into heterosexuals was in existence. In simple words, members of the LGBTIAQ community especially the gays and lesbians are subjected to rape in an attempt to cure them of their sexual orientation or homosexuality. Corrective rape is considered as a curative tool and is often facilitated by the family members of the victim – “a distressful reality”. How can parents or family members inflict such a monstrous harm on their own child?

It has been noted that in most of the cases, the perpetrators are cousins, relatives or some close family members and therefore the victims refrain from reporting such crimes. There have been instances where families have handpicked the rapists to discipline and correct their gay/lesbian child. Do you even think these people are humans in the first place?

Homophobic violence is the root cause of Corrective rape that stems out as a hate crime. Every human is entitled to live his/her life freely and with dignity. Likewise, no one is entitled to invade someone’s privacy, freedom and right to safely and freely walk on streets without any fear.

The vicious circle of constant fear, torment, humiliation, stigmatization and unfair discrimination towards LGBT needs to be broken. Stringent laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and rapes have to be formulated to curb such evil happenings. It is quintessential for all to preach about Humanity and consider LGBTAIQ members as humans in the first place. A mere sexual orientation of a person does not entitle perpetrators to rape them, the police to ignore their pleas and society to stigmatize them with unfair discrimination.

A free soul resides in a free body and a free mind and that’s the true essence of being a Human”.



The never ending Sexual assaults and time to deal with them by blogger Rimpi

The never ending Sexual assaults and time to deal with them by blogger Rimpi

We all are very aware of the prevalent sexual assaults and often talk about the measures to be taken to put an end to it. But we do not see any significant dwindling in the sexual assaults and there must be some reasons behind it. What I feel is there are two paramount reasons behind these never ending sexual assaults, the first one being rapes and sexual assaults not treated like the other crimes and the second one is the victims being silent and not reporting the abuse.

Talking about the first one where the sexual assaults aren’t considered potential crimes, we are surrounded by numerous laws and enforcements which ensure secured and peaceful living for us. There are strict laws for every big and small thing, but apparently, sexual assault is not treated as important as the other crimes. The mental scars of the sexual assault victims are ignored over the physical ones through other crimes. Most of the sexual assaults are just given the status of falsely reported or just ignored and not taken at utmost importance, which ultimately encourages the perpetuation.

The second reason behind the prevalent sexual assaults is the victim being silent and not reporting the abuse. Not even half of the sexual assaults are reported to the police. Why don’t the victims raise their voice and go to police? The various reasons for this are:

  • They don’t have the proper knowledge and awareness of their rights.
  • They don’t want anyone to know about it.
  • They don’t understand it thoroughly like how to state it, how to explain what happened exactly.
  • Most of the victim don’t understand the seriousness of the crime as it does not always cause physical wounds/damage.
  • Being reluctant how the police is going to handle their case.
  • Afraid of the mental traumatic questions people going to bombard them.
  • Afraid of proving their assault
  • Scared of how society is going to react.

All the above reasons in some way or the other don’t let the sexual assaults come to a pause. But its high time for us to raise our voice and put efforts to obliterate these main factors to stop these never ending sexual assaults. It’s the high time for every child, youngster, adult and senior to say no to sexual assaults and fight against it without any feeling of indignity and mortification.