#SURVIVORSVOICE Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2017!

#SURVIVORSVOICE Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2017!

You need to have a voice when it comes to sexual assault these days. There is also a month of sexual assault awareness that you can use to promote solutions. If you are a survivor of sexual assault, speaking up is paramount. You will help others if you share your story with the world.

Helping Survivor

Prejudices can paralyze anyone out there, but we need to find the truth behind these problems as soon as possible. Survivors need empathy and support from all family and friends.They need time and outlet to express their feelings without judgment.

Finding Help

Finding proper help for a victim of sexual assault is important. The famous RAINN website will allow you to get tons of aid for the victims of these problems as soon as possible. You can even volunteer with the RAINN right away so you can make the life of others better over time. You can even take part in an art event so you can help promote an awareness of this problem as soon as possible. If you want to help to end the problem of college sexual assault, you can also make a pledge right away. We are launching our podcast later this month to showcase advocates and survivors. If you would like to part of this email us at info@leilagrace.org

Now that you know more about ideas to deal with sexual assault, you should take bold action as soon as possible. Remember that speaking up is truly important, and you can even volunteer so that you can truly make a difference in the world someday. This is the kind of problem that needs a strong action from people who care about others.