Saving Lives Through Technology  from blogger Rimpi

Saving Lives Through Technology from blogger Rimpi

Nowadays, the world is all in and around the digital technology. with no doubts, we all can agree that technology has bought a revolution in our daily activities, but some part of the digital technology is always criticized for being a sprouting platform for sexual abuse and harassment.

The young teenagers, newly introduced to the social media find it as an approachable and facile platform to meet agemates of their interest, totally neglecting the risk factor of their safety and the numerous threats they can face. As a result, harassments and sexual assaults happen, and when the incidents come into light, the technology is blamed and cursed.

Well it is not only the bad about it, technology platforms also allow the victims to raise their voice, bring awareness to the rape culture and stop victim blaming thing by sharing stories of their sufferings. It undoubtedly is a very challenging thing to do, but it definitely helps the world to support the survivor spread the awareness and punish the perpetrators. There are various applications such as Callisto, which is an online sexual assault reporting system which aims at empowering reporting experience for the survivors.

Though digital technology is not a direct answer to the sexual assaults as is the formal justice system, but it definitely helps the survivors to speak up, start and spread their fight and hence massive awareness.

In the end, every effort makes a difference!

New Ways Of Being an Advocate by blogger Jonathan

New Ways Of Being an Advocate by blogger Jonathan

The digital age has given rise to the masses in our modern-day society. With some exploiting the culture onto which the basic fundamentals of social media lie upon, with promiscuity being the number one aphrodisiac in the form of explicit content such as pictures and videos influencing the minds of the youth in our generation.

As a repercussion, research has shown an exponential rise in sexual assaults throughout most schools and colleges facilities giving rise to worry as most students easily access these content with a device as simple as an iPhone.

Given the situation…

What is technologies role in solving or hurting the problem that is sexual assault?

Technology has seen to be a leading contributor to sexual assaults. Sexual dating sites such as tinder have shown the relative ease of getting a night of sexual pleasure, leading most to perceive social media in the wrong ways.

With that being said, we have also seen others utilize the power that technology and social media, to connect with others remotely, and spread awareness.

so if technology can be used for good, then…

How can the new digital age of students stop and spread awareness of rape culture?

By using technology to shed limelight towards the plight, the rate of rape curbs. Reaching out to the rape victims through social media and sheltering them in an online support group brings about security and emotional support. Creating powerful hashtags to grab the attention of the unwary, uniting all, spreading awareness.

I believe there is strength in numbers. I believe in change.