Surviving the trauma of sexual assaults by Rimpi

Surviving the trauma of sexual assaults by Rimpi

Sexual violence leaves the victim terrified, plagued, humiliated and traumatized to numbness. But no matter how deeply one is shattered, the victim should not forget their worth and right to live. Though it’s not easy to trounce the trauma of sexual assaults, by believing in yourself, following the right approaches, one can definitely conquer over the trauma and rebuild their life. Some of such approaches are:

1. Say no to the blame game: Doesn’t matter how much people blame you, your attire, don’t push yourself into the guilt zone. Believe yourself that you will never do anything that would encourage such kind of suffering to you. 

2. Join some support group: Go out and join a sexual assault support group. This way you can get to meet other survivors as well, which can help you regain your confidence. 

3. Talk to a psychologist: Approaching a psychologist can help you release your terror of mind. Based on your comfort level, you can choose to go for a male or a female psychologist.

4. Talk to your near ones: Sometimes, the state of your mind and the insecurity doesn’t make you share your suffering. In such case, approaching your near ones such as family or close friends can be a good idea. They can help you to get over your fears, support you emotionally and help you deal with the circumstances.

5. Facing and overcoming the triggers: Triggers often flare up the victim’s mind and hence need to be dealt with the right approach. The victim should try to face the triggers and overcome it. It’s really okay to avoid the circumstances that mess up with your mind and recreate those disturbing thoughts. Remember, you are your master.

6. Self-healing: This approach is the most effective and the most important part of overcoming the trauma of sexual assaults. I would call it “self-healing and self-building“. When all the above approaches seem unfeasible, the mystical “mind-body connection” comes into light. The victim should try to reacquaint their body and their mind. One can go for various relaxation techniques, yoga and meditation. These efforts would proficiently boost up the mind with positivity and help the victim to regain his/her self-confidence.

We should never forget our self-worth. Don’t ever let the “blame game” of the world discourage you. Choose to be a survivor rather than being a victim.

Keeping Us Safe: Trusting one Another by blogger Josh

Keeping Us Safe: Trusting one Another by blogger Josh

College makes an exciting time for most, but it’s important to not forget about the importance of staying safe on and off campus. Security and personal safety on campus is a significant concern for both parents and students. In order to ensure personal safety and avoid tragedy, it is important to have sexual assault awareness. By knowing how to react in a dangerous situation and being aware of your surroundings you can ensure protection to sexual assault.

Sexual assault is a form of sexual violence that can take many forms, including forced kissing, groping, rape, or sexual torture. Universities and colleges across the country are taking various measures to prevent sexual assault on campus. By initiation bystander intervention, increasing the presence of security officers, and educating students, schools are working to ensure better safety of their students. Among the means you can keep safe from sexual assault are included:

  •    Speaking out against sexist remarks, language, and behavior
  •     Treating women and men with respect
  •      Not being passive about others poor disrespectful behavior
  •      Speaking up the moment you feel uncomfortable
  •      Understanding how alcohol and drugs can affect your judgment and impair decisions
  •       Realizing that people can change their mind about every sexual act
  •       Ask for consent for each sexual act