Being a Survivor,  Not a victim by blogger  Rimpi

Being a Survivor, Not a victim by blogger Rimpi

Sexual assaults are no less traumatic than a life-shaking experience.

It affects all the aspects of the victim’s life, her\his mind, body, behavior, and most importantly changes their views about themselves and the world.

The Journey beyond this point is no easy, getting out of such a nightmare is no Joke, but one has to understand that things would be worse being voiceless and hence they need to raise their voice and put light on the issue.

Doing this will help the victim in –

1) Sharing their fears and giving up the insecurities that have been growing in their mind.

2) Dropping the guilt feel that sometimes start to develop in the victim because of the social pressure.

3) Gaining support of the world and hence strengthening their inner selves.

4) Punishing the miscreant and hindering their courage to ever repeat such dark acts.

5) Preparing themselves for the future. It will prepare the victim mentally for any future happening.

And most importantly,

6) Helping them to become a survivor from the Victim.

All the above-listed steps could help the victim to transform into a Survivor. Because gaining back confidence, dropping the self-guilt feeling and taking the control of their own lives will help their Journey from victim to survivor.

It will not only change the life of the same person, but also of those related to them and the hundreds and thousands of the other victims by giving them the stupendous courage to rebuild themselves by erasing the traumatic memories, by rejuvenating their mind and soul, by understanding that nothing and no one is worth their tears and fears.

Get up and take back your life and confidence.