How to be Advocate on Campus by blogger Rimpi

How to be Advocate on Campus by blogger Rimpi

College life is a phase of life every youngster enjoys the most. The restrictions are less, freedom is more with huge friend circle, which gives us a sense of security and independence. But there are some perpetrators who misuse this freedom and commits serious acts like Sexual Assaults.


Sexual assault in college campus contribute to a major part of the sexual violence, so it is important for the faculty, management & the students to become more vigilant about the sexual assault and put efforts to prevent it. Of course, no prevention assumes 100% safety but can help in dealing with.


The following tips can help in preventing sexual assault in college campus.

  • Do not trust people quickly: The evidence shows that many perpetrators are somehow related to the victims either friend or relative.
  • Always be prepared: Be prepared to take immediate steps for help in case of any intuition or happening. One should know whom to call, what number to be dialed in case of any emergency.
  • Stay Vigilant: Be vigilant all the times, whether moving alone or with the friends, in the day or in the night.
  • Security & Safety: Make sure about your security and safety. Never let any of your friend know where you keep your room keys, keeping your room securely locked & latched.
  • Avoid unknowns: Always make sure to hang around with trust worthy people.
  • Keep an eye on eatables: Always watch out your drinks and food at any party or outside event.
  • Share only with trustworthy people: Share your personal\love\hate life with your family or anyone you trust.
  • Trust your instincts: Last but not the least, trust your instincts if you feel anything fishy, get to the safe place.


I know nothing can guarantee you 100% security from any Sexual Assault but trying to be vigilant can lower the change of it’s happening.

Remember, the most important contribution you can make for avoiding Sexual Assault is from yourself by being Vigilant.