Appearance And Dressing For Success By Blogger Rose

Appearance And Dressing For Success By Blogger Rose

I find October to be all about experimentation of appearance and the bolder the better. It brings the transitional time into Fall and I think it is so important to take advantage of this time of year!

There are many articles that discuss how clothes can affect mood and treatment by others based on their fit and color.  Below are just a few:

  1. Colors and Mood: How the Colors You Wear Affect You

I learned that yellow can give you a pick-me-up on down days, and blue helps with creativity!

  1. The Link Between Clothing Choices and Emotional States

I learned that baggy pants might make scientists think someone is having a bad day.  I wonder if comfortable yoga pants count?

  1. How Clothes Can Boost Mood

I learned that clothes can be thought of as memory catchers.  Seems sort of like a lucky pencil concept to me.

After scanning through these articles, it made me wonder if there was some way of testing these theories out.  I found this very simple experiment which involves seeing how someone is treated according to what they are wearing here:

Testing How Clothing Choices Impact the Behavior of Others Around Us

A twist on this experiment might just be how people react that you already know especially if your appearance is drastically altered.

There can be times when you are just plain in a rut and have no idea what your next move is, or you are just feeling anxious as the year comes to a close.  Sometimes the best idea is to change something, and in this case it may be your wardrobe.