The brutal act of violence – “Corrective Rape”

The brutal act of violence – “Corrective Rape”


Screams of the wounded soul cry for help;

Shattered by the result of lesions of deluding theories

Inflicted by the dear ones that shall haunt for a lifetime

Living in a hell is no less than living with this reality

The despondent blade cutting the victim open every single day

Whispering traumas into the silent screams of delirium ……..  –  the endured moments of pain witnessed by the victim.

How would one feel if the caring hands that nurture you, push you into the dark dungeons of rape? Shocking isn’t it? But the reality of Corrective rape is so blood curdling that it draws the victim into the deep descending agonous abysm of shock, disbelief, hatred and self- blame forever.

The disturbing reality of Corrective rape:  The term “Corrective Rape” was first coined in South Africa where this inhumane practice of raping gays or lesbians for converting them into heterosexuals was in existence. In simple words, members of the LGBTIAQ community especially the gays and lesbians are subjected to rape in an attempt to cure them of their sexual orientation or homosexuality. Corrective rape is considered as a curative tool and is often facilitated by the family members of the victim – “a distressful reality”. How can parents or family members inflict such a monstrous harm on their own child?

It has been noted that in most of the cases, the perpetrators are cousins, relatives or some close family members and therefore the victims refrain from reporting such crimes. There have been instances where families have handpicked the rapists to discipline and correct their gay/lesbian child. Do you even think these people are humans in the first place?

Homophobic violence is the root cause of Corrective rape that stems out as a hate crime. Every human is entitled to live his/her life freely and with dignity. Likewise, no one is entitled to invade someone’s privacy, freedom and right to safely and freely walk on streets without any fear.

The vicious circle of constant fear, torment, humiliation, stigmatization and unfair discrimination towards LGBT needs to be broken. Stringent laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and rapes have to be formulated to curb such evil happenings. It is quintessential for all to preach about Humanity and consider LGBTAIQ members as humans in the first place. A mere sexual orientation of a person does not entitle perpetrators to rape them, the police to ignore their pleas and society to stigmatize them with unfair discrimination.

A free soul resides in a free body and a free mind and that’s the true essence of being a Human”.