Being a Survivor,  Not a victim by blogger  Rimpi

Being a Survivor, Not a victim by blogger Rimpi

Sexual assaults are no less traumatic than a life-shaking experience.

It affects all the aspects of the victim’s life, her\his mind, body, behavior, and most importantly changes their views about themselves and the world.

The Journey beyond this point is no easy, getting out of such a nightmare is no Joke, but one has to understand that things would be worse being voiceless and hence they need to raise their voice and put light on the issue.

Doing this will help the victim in –

1) Sharing their fears and giving up the insecurities that have been growing in their mind.

2) Dropping the guilt feel that sometimes start to develop in the victim because of the social pressure.

3) Gaining support of the world and hence strengthening their inner selves.

4) Punishing the miscreant and hindering their courage to ever repeat such dark acts.

5) Preparing themselves for the future. It will prepare the victim mentally for any future happening.

And most importantly,

6) Helping them to become a survivor from the Victim.

All the above-listed steps could help the victim to transform into a Survivor. Because gaining back confidence, dropping the self-guilt feeling and taking the control of their own lives will help their Journey from victim to survivor.

It will not only change the life of the same person, but also of those related to them and the hundreds and thousands of the other victims by giving them the stupendous courage to rebuild themselves by erasing the traumatic memories, by rejuvenating their mind and soul, by understanding that nothing and no one is worth their tears and fears.

Get up and take back your life and confidence.

Understanding #MeToo

Understanding #MeToo

By Tanya Burgess

The #MeToo social media movement created by Tarana Burke has been vindicated by victims and advocates throughout American who were victims of inappropriate and illegal mistreatment of the mind, body and soul. Since the presidential election, there has been an increased advocacy and awareness of assault, particularly by men against women in the workplace. The entertainment industry has long been seen as a cesspool of indecency where people have way too much money and power and little knowledge of how to wield them responsibly.

The allegations which have recently come to light against sports giants, actors, producers and business men in the entertainment industry is what started the movement. Those with the strength, support and opportunity to come forward with their story found a hard brick wall in their way, as they were faced with shamming and disbelief. This stigma that being victimized is a shameful experience for the survivor and that speaking on those experiences is taboo are the building blocks for rape culture in America.

So, what makes this movement necessary and is it working?

The first question many women are asked when they finally are able to speak out about their experience with sexual assault is, how did it happen? Answers to these questions are often assumed before the individual speaks. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time, you trusted someone you shouldn’t have, you made a mistake, you weren’t being careful, or you were doing something you shouldn’t have been doing.

This bias is inherent, most people believe that your personal safety is your responsibility because frankly there are bad people out in the world and you should simply know that. Unfortunately, that biased thinking it’s wrong; if you learn nothing from the life you’ve lived so far, it’s that there are bad people out in the world and you need to keep yourself safe. That being said, as we all understand this notion of safety, why then is it shameful when someone is attacked?

If we all understand that it is completely possible to be harmed even when you are being safe, why then is it never the person who decided to be a ‘bad guy in the world’s fault? The answer is simple, as far as women believe they have ‘come up’ in the world, we are still second-class citizens seen as the lesser or weaker sex. We are simply not as important as men.

Women have indeed come along way and we are on the road to greatness but men are still in the front of the line.

Finding courage to come forward by blogger Sarah

Finding courage to come forward by blogger Sarah

The trauma experienced when one is sexually assaulted can be devastating. It may leave you ashamed, scared, plagued by nightmares, and leave you with unpleasant memories. According to statistics, 94% of women who face sexual assault, normally experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

So how does one overcome such an experience and bring forward the issue?

  1. Communicate or reach out to someone.×266.jpg

Communication is important. Try and reach out to someone you trust. Most preferably, you could reach out to a trained Psychologist. A Psychologist or a trained mental health professional will help in treating any difficulties you are experiencing as a result of coping up with the high level of stress.

  1. Go and report the incident to the police.

Today, it’s you and tomorrow it could be another person who faces such a traumatic incident. Reach out to the police and let them arrest and investigate the perpetrator. This way, the police will warn the public against the perpetrator.

  1. Try and go to these places

When abused go to a women’s shelter, an attorney’s office or a hospital. All these places have the relevant departments that deal with such cases.

  1. Get counseling

As stated earlier, there are many trained professionals who assist people who have been abused and assaulted. Trained professionals such as counselors will help you work through your pain.

  1. Seek medical treatment–lady-doctors.jpg

As a victim of sexual assault, the first important step you should take is to seek medical treatment. Medical examinations will be conducted to determine the extent of injury you might have suffered and as well treat or protect you from any sexually transmitted disease or prevent any unwanted pregnancy.


Sexual assault is a serious offense one may suffer. In order to raise awareness and find possible solutions on how to deal with it try and communicate with someone, report the incident to the police, get counseling and finally seek medical attention.

By using these solutions you will be able to reach out to someone and raise awareness on the matter. Trained psychologists and professionals will help you to move from being a victim to a survivor.