Dress code cannot ensure women safety by blogger  Rimpi

Dress code cannot ensure women safety by blogger Rimpi

Though we say that today’s women have all the freedom she wants and deserves, but is it completely true?

The answer is NO! Whenever a girl gets dressed in a sheer revealing dress, various heedless statements are made by people. Some even take that as an invitation for harassment. How doltish!! Those people need to rethink that her clothing reflects her confidence, appreciate it not criticize it.

Like everyone women has the freedom and legal right to wear whatever & whenever they want. People need to understand that she is just wearing an outfit of her choice and not a tattoo of “Come, Harass Me!!” And to those who still disagree to this, I just want to ask one question, haven’t any girl being raped or harassed who was fully dressed? The answer would definitely be a NO.

We need to understand that if men can roam around in vest and shorts so can the women.

The problem is not with the dress or outfit but with the sick mind within.