Finding courage to come forward by blogger Sarah

Finding courage to come forward by blogger Sarah

The trauma experienced when one is sexually assaulted can be devastating. It may leave you ashamed, scared, plagued by nightmares, and leave you with unpleasant memories. According to statistics, 94% of women who face sexual assault, normally experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

So how does one overcome such an experience and bring forward the issue?

  1. Communicate or reach out to someone.×266.jpg

Communication is important. Try and reach out to someone you trust. Most preferably, you could reach out to a trained Psychologist. A Psychologist or a trained mental health professional will help in treating any difficulties you are experiencing as a result of coping up with the high level of stress.

  1. Go and report the incident to the police.

Today, it’s you and tomorrow it could be another person who faces such a traumatic incident. Reach out to the police and let them arrest and investigate the perpetrator. This way, the police will warn the public against the perpetrator.

  1. Try and go to these places

When abused go to a women’s shelter, an attorney’s office or a hospital. All these places have the relevant departments that deal with such cases.

  1. Get counseling

As stated earlier, there are many trained professionals who assist people who have been abused and assaulted. Trained professionals such as counselors will help you work through your pain.

  1. Seek medical treatment–lady-doctors.jpg

As a victim of sexual assault, the first important step you should take is to seek medical treatment. Medical examinations will be conducted to determine the extent of injury you might have suffered and as well treat or protect you from any sexually transmitted disease or prevent any unwanted pregnancy.


Sexual assault is a serious offense one may suffer. In order to raise awareness and find possible solutions on how to deal with it try and communicate with someone, report the incident to the police, get counseling and finally seek medical attention.

By using these solutions you will be able to reach out to someone and raise awareness on the matter. Trained psychologists and professionals will help you to move from being a victim to a survivor.