Be your own kind of wonder woman by blogger Rimpi

Be your own kind of wonder woman by blogger Rimpi

Today’s women are no less than men. She is doing wonders in all quarters by being confident, working hard, kicking the feeling of insecurity, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, there are still some awful happenings that kill her confidence by sealing her lips and making her helpless. Sexual assault at work place being one amongst them.


In US, a person spends 33% of their time in work related activities and hence the workplace and the work environment plays an important role in nurturing the individual.

There are various laws laid down by Government of various countries to deal with any kind of sexual harassment at workplace. But lamentably Sexual assault never STOPS and if not handled gracefully can prove to be shattering to the victim.

Various approaches the victim should follow:

  • Confront the person: Ignoring the odd situations and being ignorant pads the criminal with confidence. Be BOLD, look into his eyes and tell him to “STOP”.


  • Let him acknowledge that others know: If not stopped by confronting, warning him loudly so that others get to know will contrite the criminal and he will fear repeating it.


  • Report it: No crime is small. Report to the police and HR department of your office or follow the guidelines of your company to deal with it. These days every company has strict “No Tolerance” against Sexual Harassment, you just have to make yourself aware of that. “No Freaks should be excused.”


  • Get an Attorney: The outcomes might not always come in your favor, in that case you can always get an experienced attorney who can evaluate the harassment and help you deal with it in a better way.


The federal laws give all of us the right to work in an environment free of sexual harassment.

Gone are the days of Tolerance!!