William Stitt


It’s not from the very beginning that women are enjoying self-focussed and intrepid lifestyle, leading a confident and independent life as they are now. With the passing time, women gathered enormous courage to be fearless and confident. But there still comes many times and phases when she feels the fear of people’s disapproval and acceptance. One such fear is backlash of the society faced by the sexual assault victims. Sometimes, physically and mentally wounded victims don’t come forward fearing the reaction of the society, fearing weather their experience and story would be trusted and accepted or not. Which ultimately encourages the guilt feeling in the survivor’s mind.

But by working on certain things the victims can come forward and share their experiences-

1) Approaching the Sexual Assault NGOs: The victim should reach out to any of the NGO that support the sexual assault victims. Such NGO can provide suitable healing environment to the victims and help the later to share their experience and hence unburden their minds.

2)  By Joining the group of survivors & being the part of it:  The pain felt by the victim makes them even more strong, strong enough to be a shoulder for any other victim and hence creating a support chain. The victims reaching such support group can help them to come forward without any fears.

3) Holding the Self-Confidence: The victim should not forget that until and unless they have their self-confidence with them, they don’t need anyone’s approval or sympathy, neither are they scared of the backlash. They should come forward and face the world with confidence.They should not forget that they do not need anyone’s approval but themselves to their story.

4) Self-Acceptance: Lastly the thing I would like to convey to all the readers here, not specifically just the survivors is that we should adapt a habit of self-acceptance and absolutely not of People Acceptance. Once we are confident and do not care what others might think of us, our story, our suffering, we won’t be scared to come forward if ever needed.


We must not forget that SELF-ACCEPTANCE masters all the fears..