Praising attackers may be the right term to define the situation where the rich, famous gets away with heinous crimes. The real question is that- how they sleep at night?

The celebrities that inspire us, can we think of doing any wrong thing? But some of may get away with anything by using their status, fame, and money.

Some celebrities are even accused of Sexual assault and Rape that is in no way acceptable in this life or the next. But some did not face any consciences for their crime.

One celebrity Bill Cosby who is a legendary comedian, he even awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom from George W. Bush has been accused of rape of more than a dozen women. So what should we say about that?

Some celebrities are accused still; they are running around free largely because they have wealth and a good lawyer. An example of that is R. Kelly who was accused of child pornography. Evidence was all against him but still, the jury did not found him guilty and in a matter of hours, the case was delayed for six hours. R. Kelly has to thank his lawyer for that who turned the case around.

And there was Michael Jackson; the biggest pop start who bought his freedom by settling out of the court for 23 million dollars is a case where he was accused of child molestation.

So what their history tell us, do we actually praise the attackers or not? Shouldn’t we raise our voice to that?