April Dawn: Sexual Assault Awareness Month by blogger Collins

April Dawn: Sexual Assault Awareness Month by blogger Collins

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sexual assault awareness month

What a fantastic country that we live in. In the month of April, throughout the United States, it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. And what a great month to have. Sexual Assault Awareness Month was established to give college students and the wider community a voice in being proactive towards prevention and education of sexual assault, using positive approaches for change.

This month, across College campuses in the United States, there are many exciting opportunities for male and female students to get involved in. Many colleges are to be applauded for getting on-board with this vital step for change, and students are able to get involved in S.A.A.M in a variety of different ways.

Male and female students can advocate for change on campus by participation in: student rallies, training, healing sessions, and lots more. Simply ask your campus representative for further information. You can also host a community event throughout the month of April, in order to raise awareness of sexual assault.

There are many exciting opportunities to get your voice heard this month – Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and to work together as men and women, to build towards a better future for all.