Don’t Repress, De-stress! By Blogger Rose

Don’t Repress, De-stress! By Blogger Rose

July 4th brings fireworks and fun but it can also bring on some anxiety from crowds and loud noises.  One way to handle the anxiety is to repress, but there are some other ways that may be more beneficial.

Take this site, which reviews ten different yoga moves to help relieve stress but also to just recharge and focus for the day ahead.  The “chair corpse pose” I actually have done before, and believe it or not, this just may be the best use for a chair other than sitting on it.

Better yet, why not eat something? Here is a helpful overview of the top ten foods for stress relief, and do not include devouring potato chips or a decadent dish of ice-cream.   Avocados and green tea would be my personal favorites of this list.

Ever heard the saying that if you repeat something enough it will ring true? One of the easiest methods is to develop a mantra to refocus.  My personal favorite on this site would be the mantra: “Let It Go”, but change the Go to Goat and watch this video.

If all else fails, take a cue from the wise goats and release whatever is bothering you in a healthy way.