Male Privilege is Very Real

Male Privilege is Very Real

by T.L. Burgess

The Existential Crisis

America is experiencing a ‘what is happening’ feeling right now. People are realizing that men of power have been getting away with inexcusable harassment to the ‘lesser sex’ – welcome to male privilege. Since the uproar from our recent presidential election, Americans have been shocked to find that there is a serious cultural issue in this country. The country is run by rich males who are allowed to do whatever they want without any serious consequences.

Celebrities are individuals who are seen as role models. Often their actions in their personal lives are connected with their professional work if it appears they have a typical American life. Things like watching children grow up, buying a new house and getting married or divorced are all hot topics but a person is a person. Celebrities are not inherently ‘good people’ simply because the life you see in the magazines suggest it. Yet, there is always this upheaval when you realize that someone with so much power, and money and influence could do something so horrible for so long.

What Can be Done?

Yes, one issue is that people don’t report. Victim shaming is very much a contributor to this. Another issue is that traumatic experiences such as sexual assault often happens more than once. A perpetrator is likely to become a repeat offender if their victim does not report. What about the issue of privilege? Is there a reason why celebrities and Presidents get a free pass? Of course there is, because with great power comes great privilege and the safety of women under such power are inconsequential. How can we empower women, how can we empower men to use and not abuse their power, and when will consequences be equal across the board, regardless of power and money and privilege?

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The myths about Male Rape – blogger Snehal

The myths about Male Rape – blogger Snehal

Oh Boy! Men don’t get raped. You are crazy!!!. This is a clear cut picture in the social phenomenon on Male rape. While there have been several extensive researches on female rape and victims, the section of male rape and victims appears to be neglected. Lack of empirical information, social stigmatization, victim blame, and an overpowering shame prevents many male victims from reporting the assault. Such horrific incidents compel straight men to question their own sexual orientation while gay men often find it extremely difficult to trust other men and ultimately struggle in finding intimacy in their personal relationships.The main intention behind penning this article is to dispell the myths associated with male rape.

1. Men cannot be sexually assaulted.This is impossible: Anyone irrespective of their gender, race, strength, color, appearance can be a victim of sexual assault. It is a misconception that men cannot be raped. I think the society deduces that men are more stronger, brave and tougher than women and this makes it difficult to digest the fact that men can also be sexually assaulted.

2. Women cannot rape men: It might come as a shock to many but Yes, women can rape men. Among the perpetrators of male rape cases women perpetrators amount to 3% of the total lot. So the possibility of male rape by a woman cannot be ruled out. Male rape may not have been considered by many men as a serious possibility too. So, when men come across such an unexpected shock there is a likelihood that they may freeze during that situation.

3. Real men are not sexually assaulted: Men are always portrayed to be dominant, tough, controlling and as a stronger sex. So, the male victims fear of being victimized by family, society and friends. Sexual assault has nothing to do with manliness and physical strength. Sometimes, coercion, psychological and emotional control and blackmail can be used as a weapon to rape a man.

4. Female rape is more serious in nature than male rape: This is not true. Rape in itself is heinous offence and has nothing to do with the gender of the victim. All victims of rape whether male or female undoubtedly suffer a lot. Most of them have to deal with depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, nightmares etc.

I have always stated that feminism is not about hating men. It is about gender equality. The reason behind writing this article is to blast the bubble of myths surrounding feminism and male rape both at the same time.