Safety Apps For The New Year By Blogger Rose

Safety Apps For The New Year By Blogger Rose

It is almost the end of January! I think it is a great time to check out some new apps to start off 2016.  Here are three safety apps that I thought needed some attention:

With its adorable safety pin mascot I had to check into this app.  Some unique features are its personal safety score and locating safety services within your area.  It also features this app in English, Hindi, Bahasa, and Spanish!

This app is supposed to function just like its name.  Shake the phone or press the power button four times to send a text message with a help message and where you are located.  I think one of the most useful features is that it states it will share the last location if the GPS happens to be turned off in your phone.  There is an optional pro version available which allows for sharing of an emergency image.

There are a number of different features than other apps including the Fake Call, Timer Mode, and I’m Here functions.  The most hilarious idea it had for this safety app is to “get out of a bad date” or “long meeting” through the assumed use of Fake Call.  Although I am all for the safety features of this app if they work, I think that maybe just telling someone you aren’t interested might be less involved than creating a Fake Call from a friend.  I also do not think you could pull off that many Fake Calls at work without receiving a real call in the form of a layoff.

As always, test out these apps on your own before actually using them in the situation needed to make sure they really work.  An app is only as safe as its reliability.  Also keep in mind if you are that concerned for your safety while walking alone, sometimes an app might not be enough to ensure safety but give the allusion of safety instead.  I hope you have a safe and wonderful 2016!