From Practical To Fashionable Safety Wearables By Blogger Rose

From Practical To Fashionable Safety Wearables By Blogger Rose

Safety wearables come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  If you are planning on taking a vacation this summer, it may be wise to invest in a safety wearable that is not only easy to pack but gives that extra bit of reassurance that there is some way to call for help.  This is especially true if you are traveling alone.

The following wearables offer three different options that range from practical to fashionable:

  1. The React Sidekick: This device can be affixed like a keychain and is touted as the “world’s smallest personal panic button.”  It sends alerts to your personalized network and appears to work in conjunction with your phone and their free app.  Currently priced at $79.99.
  2. SAFER Smart Jewelry by Leaf: This necklace sends alerts to your network including your location after pressing the necklace twice. Also can assist in taking selfies.  Currently priced at $30.00.
  3. V.ARLT: This button can be attached to your wrist or on a pendant. It can send alerts of your location and a personalized help message to three contacts.  There is an optional fall detection alert.  It is also waterproof and has a battery life of a year.  Currently priced at $39.99.

I would check the battery life, what initiates an alert to be sent, how it sends alerts, the types of alerts sent, and compare pricing of various devices before purchasing anything, or purchase different devices for various needs.  There are many unique features to each device so make sure you are getting the options that seem to be the most beneficial in your case.

Safety Tech Gear By Blogger Rose

Safety Tech Gear By Blogger Rose

I found three products that all center around safety alerts.  The first two are actually jewelry with a technology twist and mainly focus on selecting which notifications should be alerted through a buzz or vibration to check your phone.  I think this may lead to being more aware of your surroundings when you do not constantly have your head in your phone checking message alerts to see if they are important.  The last one is actually a wearable tag that allows you to send an alert to your network when you need help.

  1. Vinaya: There are the options of a ring, necklace, or bracelet that each will vibrate to alert you according to the options selected through their coordinating app.
  2. Ringly: They offer a ring and a bracelet which can alert you through vibrations and light.
  3. Wearsafe: This tag is very small and offers many features but one of the most unique is that it records audio from the situation to send to your network.
Safety Gear For Fashion Savvy By Blogger Rose

Safety Gear For Fashion Savvy By Blogger Rose

Last month I discussed several safety products and I found four more out there to satisfy your craving for fashion and safety! Just keep in mind more features equates a higher price.  One question to ask is when do I plan on wearing this device and what is my max budget?

  1. Revolar: This is a clip on device that appears to have similar features as the other brands but comes as a key chain attachment/clip on.
  2. Athena: The device looks like it can be used as a clip on or pendant.
  3. Via Wear: These wrist bands are in a wrap-bracelet style.
  4. WiseWear: Some of the bracelets in this collection are actually made of 18k gold. It also has activity tracking features.

Make comparisons between products and visualize yourself utilizing them to select the product that appears to work the best for you!