Virtual Gaming Risks By Blogger Rose

Virtual Gaming Risks By Blogger Rose

Pokemon Go has brought a game to the real world, but some are now so distracted they are somehow experiencing a kind of inception reality.  I found several articles all around the thought that although the fantasy element of seeing a monster in reality may be fun in concept, some individuals cannot handle the magnetic force of their smartphone to the degree they forget that real life can be dangerous when you are not in the present.

Some of the most bizarre injuries reported were that individuals have walked off a cliff and another crashed into a tree as they were playing the game.  However, these odd events are not what I want to focus on.  The real issue here is that whenever there is a distraction, there is the chance for individuals to take advantage of the situation and assault others.  I can see the potential for the number of assaults to increase of various kinds.  Factoring in that some may not bring someone else to a location, this would also increase the risk.

I realize that singling out Pokemon Go would not sound unbiased and these warnings could essentially apply to several other applications.  I think that Pokemon Go is really just the start of virtual reality games that utilize the real world, so if anything, think about the consequences now before others get killed or assaulted.

Want to read more about Pokemon Go injuries, rescues, and various warnings? Here are some links:

I’m a Two Time Rape Survivor: A survivor’s story!

I’m a Two Time Rape Survivor: A survivor’s story!

118H (2)

Last December, I was raped at a party over Christmas break. What you don’t know, but will in a few

words, is that I was raped again a month after starting school at Indiana University at a frat party.

Because of the pending investigations, I am (unfortunately) not allowed to reveal the circumstances of

this. I can tell you this: I immediately told the brothers and they sent me to the hospital and called the

police. Three separate reports were filed and the school and IUPD are investigating my rape. I did know

the guy as I had met him earlier that evening. He, of course, is claiming it was consensual. I, however,

can tell you that I was intoxicated (I am in college and I am not sorry for underage drinking. I was having

fun, not expecting to have my pride taken from me again) and could not even walk straight enough- so

how could I consent to a sex act?

I also know countless girls who were assaulted and raped at parties and frats but nobody blinked an eye.

Why? Because parties and frats are breeding grounds for perpetrators of violence. No. Those frat

brothers helped me in a way that I will forever be thankful for. This shit shouldn’t happen so it shouldn’t

have to make headlines.

Teach your sons to respect women, men, and all genders. Teach your daughters

to respect men, women, and all genders. Stop the idea that women are weak. Stop the idea that we

have to walk together at night. Stop the idea that I should spend my life in fear.


We need to revise our justice system. It will mostly likely be over a year before I face my rapist in court,

if not closer to two or three years. For two or three years, this individual will be free to possibly hurt

other women. He will continue to walk as if he has done nothing wrong. We need to speed up the

process. I will be in my 20s before he is ever proven guilty- and he will be proven guilty, because what he

did was rape.


And we have to stop rape culture. I shouldn’t be asked “why” or “why not”. “Why did you drink so

much?” “Why did you go with him?” “Why weren’t you wearing something else?” Those are questions

that victim blame. I did nothing wrong. I am in college. I was a month in. Four weekends. Four Thursday

nights. I barely knew what college was. I tried to stop this from happening, even in an intoxicated state

of mind. Why not ask him these questions. “Why did you take her if you knew she had drank too much?”

Why did you choose to do this act?” Give me space. Let me heal. Let me mend my heart and soul. Let my

brain try to figure out where to go from here. Don’t tell me you’re sorry. You did nothing wrong. HE DID.

Don’t threaten to harm him. Let him spend his days in prison and the rest of his life on the sex offender

registry. Tell me you are here for me. Let me feel guilt and sadness and anger. Let me tell my story. I

can’t tell all of the details because of the investigation which really bothers me because I could spend

the next years raising awareness of this issue but instead I am forced to keep quiet because of the

investigation. That is more victim silencing. I shouldn’t be silenced.


Understand how PTSD works. Some days I can’t get out of bed without his face appearing on everyone

else’s face around me. Some days I feel like the world is a new place and euphoria fills my being. Some

days I am normal. Some minutes my body tenses and I can feel the rage pouring from every crack and

crevice in my bones. Some minutes I can feel the guilt streaming from the bottom of my feet and the top

of my head. PTSD is confusing. I feel numb and empty and distant but I also feel hateful and frustrated

and hostile but I also feel optimistic and anxious and powerful. My mind is different now; my brain is

different. Things are different. Bare with me.


Stop telling me to stop drinking and partying. He took my pride and dignity, I refuse to let him take my

life. I will (and I am) making the dean’s list. I will (and I am) continue attending sporting and

extracurricular events. I will (and I am) continue to drink and party some weekends; I attend a partying

state school! I should not stop my life! I will not! I will not let him take anything else from me. He has

taken enough.


I am 18. I have been raped twice. It is statistically proven that those who were sexually

assaulted once will more likely be sexually assaulted again. I am not weak. I am brave. I am telling my

story in hopes that people understand and in hopes that we can stop this from happening. I came up

with this metaphor when talking about what has happened to me. If you take nothing out of what I’ve

written, take this at least.


Rape is like death in the sense that you never forget about it and it never goes away. When your mother

dies, you keep her in the safety of your heart every second of the rest of your life. When you are raped,

you keep this experience in the safety of your heart every second the rest of your life. It doesn’t get

easier to live with, you just get used to living with it. You can take back what your assailant stole from

you but every year some days will be harder than others, like every year her birthday will never be the


You can mend and heal… but you’ll never forget.

Flashlight And Beyond By Blogger Rose

Flashlight And Beyond By Blogger Rose

I think the number one tip to staying safe from assault is to be aware of your surroundings.  One of the easiest ways, in my opinion, is to bring a flashlight when walking outside alone or with others.  However, this may seem almost impossible with the amount of baggage you carry around on a daily basis, whether it is instrument cases, backpacks, artwork, etc.  I searched around and found five options for those of us in need of an extra hand.

 Hands-Free Flashlight Short List

  1. Bright Outdoors LED Safety Lights: This two pack comes with clip on led lights to be used on anything! Some of the suggested uses are on “a cap, shirt or backpack”, but can also be attached to a “runner’s armband.” It is charged via USB, so I think it might up your chances of actually using it when you do not have to constantly change batteries.
  1. Hands Free LED Flashlight: Also a two pack, it is similar to product #1 with the added benefit of having a “magnetic closure” (caution: pacemaker users cannot use this product), it is “weather resistant” and “bendable”, and comes with a screwdriver to replace the batteries. The number of photos was helpful for visualizing the actual product’s usage.
  1. LED Sports Safety Flashing Reflective Armband: Purchase includes a two pack of an armband that is fastened with a buckle, comes in five colors, and has a 50 to 70 hour battery life.
  1. SpotLit Clip-on LED Go Anywhere Light: This clip-on is light at .6 ounces, weather resistant, has a stainless steel carabiner, has two modes one that flashes and the other that glows, and comes in different colors.
  1. 7 Color Duracell Durabeam Ultra Safety Armband Led Light: This two pack comes with a set of armbands that have two different modes of “high visibility blinking and steady light”, and has “7 color settings.”

There are so many options, so it really just depends on your price range and whether you want more of a clip-on or a band.  Just remember a flashlight can help you see what is going on around you but it is no guarantee that it will add to your safety!