The never ending Sexual assaults and time to deal with them by blogger Rimpi

The never ending Sexual assaults and time to deal with them by blogger Rimpi

We all are very aware of the prevalent sexual assaults and often talk about the measures to be taken to put an end to it. But we do not see any significant dwindling in the sexual assaults and there must be some reasons behind it. What I feel is there are two paramount reasons behind these never ending sexual assaults, the first one being rapes and sexual assaults not treated like the other crimes and the second one is the victims being silent and not reporting the abuse.

Talking about the first one where the sexual assaults aren’t considered potential crimes, we are surrounded by numerous laws and enforcements which ensure secured and peaceful living for us. There are strict laws for every big and small thing, but apparently, sexual assault is not treated as important as the other crimes. The mental scars of the sexual assault victims are ignored over the physical ones through other crimes. Most of the sexual assaults are just given the status of falsely reported or just ignored and not taken at utmost importance, which ultimately encourages the perpetuation.

The second reason behind the prevalent sexual assaults is the victim being silent and not reporting the abuse. Not even half of the sexual assaults are reported to the police. Why don’t the victims raise their voice and go to police? The various reasons for this are:

  • They don’t have the proper knowledge and awareness of their rights.
  • They don’t want anyone to know about it.
  • They don’t understand it thoroughly like how to state it, how to explain what happened exactly.
  • Most of the victim don’t understand the seriousness of the crime as it does not always cause physical wounds/damage.
  • Being reluctant how the police is going to handle their case.
  • Afraid of the mental traumatic questions people going to bombard them.
  • Afraid of proving their assault
  • Scared of how society is going to react.

All the above reasons in some way or the other don’t let the sexual assaults come to a pause. But its high time for us to raise our voice and put efforts to obliterate these main factors to stop these never ending sexual assaults. It’s the high time for every child, youngster, adult and senior to say no to sexual assaults and fight against it without any feeling of indignity and mortification.