It’s a Man’s World – The Truth About Sexual Assault

It’s a Man’s World – The Truth About Sexual Assault

Ever heard that saying, ‘It’s a Man’s World’? Well it’s true.

The world has been run by men ever since male and female roles were decided and perpetrated throughout the centuries, with the single idea that men are in charge.

This cultural phenonomena has been causing detrimental ideals and views about women and their interactions with men for about as long as the dawn of civilization and which now are considered societal norms.

Often sexual assault is traditionally thought of as a derogatory act of an unsatisfied person who wants an outlet for their sexual desires, whether they are received with consent or not.

The truth is that power is the main reason men assault women as well as other men, and it has nothing to do with high testosterone.

Now look at the numbers, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Centers Statistics About Sexual Violence fact sheet, last updated in 2015, 91% of victims of rape and sexual assault are female and 9% are male; 63% of these crimes go unreported.

Now that we have some information, let’s become even more informed.

Did you know that about 6% of sexual assault crimes that are actually reported don’t actually serve jail time?

Have you been informed that sexual coercion is also non-consent?

Where we would the world be today without this cultural normalty of power being connected to a penis.

I can only imagine.

By Tanya Burgess

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