The Walk of Shame: No Blame by blogger Julie

The Walk of Shame: No Blame by blogger Julie

There is a need of creating an environment where women and men are equal. This does not affect men alone. Women need to support each other to help achieve this goal. Most females act so negatively towards each other. Mostly it is because of jealousy. No woman wants to see the other progress.

The well being of a woman should be taken care of. It can be done by teaching women to respect each other regardless of the situation. After a night out, it is common to hear it is common to hear them say things like ” walk of shame ” . This should not be the case.

Every woman has a right to go home with who they want and do what they please. No one asks a man how many women he has been with on a monthly basis. The same should apply for women it’s none of anyone’s business. Whether you are sex positive or staying celibate everyone has a right to choice and should not be judged for this choice.

Instead of judging try placing one’s self in the other person’s shoes for the walk home.

Women should be taught to encourage and lead rather than criticize one another early. Doing this will empower the next generation. They will be more informed and as a result, they will make better choices. This will result in the overall empowerment of women in society.