Virtual Gaming Risks By Blogger Rose

Virtual Gaming Risks By Blogger Rose

Pokemon Go has brought a game to the real world, but some are now so distracted they are somehow experiencing a kind of inception reality.  I found several articles all around the thought that although the fantasy element of seeing a monster in reality may be fun in concept, some individuals cannot handle the magnetic force of their smartphone to the degree they forget that real life can be dangerous when you are not in the present.

Some of the most bizarre injuries reported were that individuals have walked off a cliff and another crashed into a tree as they were playing the game.  However, these odd events are not what I want to focus on.  The real issue here is that whenever there is a distraction, there is the chance for individuals to take advantage of the situation and assault others.  I can see the potential for the number of assaults to increase of various kinds.  Factoring in that some may not bring someone else to a location, this would also increase the risk.

I realize that singling out Pokemon Go would not sound unbiased and these warnings could essentially apply to several other applications.  I think that Pokemon Go is really just the start of virtual reality games that utilize the real world, so if anything, think about the consequences now before others get killed or assaulted.

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